Hof Upgrade

Quantum Hypnosis

Re-fire and rewire neural pathways, reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs and call in the best vision for our life, through the power of Quantum Hypnosis. Very powerful in combination with breath work, to anchor in all the insights and transformations we will experience during advanced breathing sessions, by using the power of our subconscious.

Hypnosis is ‘bypassing the critical factor of the mind and the collective thinking’.
Scientists like Bruce Lipton, found out that in the first seven years our perception of our environment, controls the activity of genes.

Children remain mostly in (theta and delta) subconscious states, until they are seven years old. In this stage they mimic, absorbing information like a sponge, from people surrounding them. After 7 years of age children start to think more ‘like an adult,’ with more alpha and beta processing brain waves, the brains become most of the time less malleable.

To transform perceptions that no longer serve us, formed at a younger age, we consciously go into these deeper (theta and delta) states to shift limited perceptions into the peace, choice and joy of your true being.
In this field we can easily shift perception in this fluid states to feel safe, abundant, connected and lovable.
Marcel and Anicha’s Quantum Hypnosis give us access to the limitless possibilities within, so that we can choose to live our best outcome.