Hof Upgrade

Cold Immersion

Once we started the breathwork practice, the next step is Cold Immersion, the remote controle of our heating system.
By training our cardio vascular system, about 100km of bloodvessels, we lower our heart rate and activate the brown fat, the mithochondria, the energy suppliers of the cel. It will boost our immune system to come in the best possible state to defeat viruses and bacteria. (see e-coli research 2012 with Wim Hof.) Activating nor-adrenaline (250%) and dopamine (500%) to reduce depression.
A powerful way to come out of your mind into the body, living and feeling all our senses, life makes sense.

The Philosophy of the Cold

The cold is used as a metaphor for stressful times in our life. 
Mostly it is fear for the fear, until we encounter the fear and embrace it. The light of our consciousness will dissolve the fear using the breath. We use the breath to inspire our body to go beyond the fear and face and transform limiting beliefs. 
Life is full of the uncomfortable and the unknown. What the Hof family discovered was that they could use their relationship with the ice as a way to emulate their relationship with life. Trauma faced at will, prepares us for when we encounter those shocking events in real life that so often produce trauma, but don’t need to. 

By using breath to calm our body and using the mind to set an intention, it’s a great way to play with perception. Here we see directly how we can shift the outcome of a stressful event, in this case the cold immersion, into a wonderful and life-giving moment. By changing our perception of the cold, we will transform this event into a peak performance. Being proud, strong and happy once we see it is just our mind which makes it easy or difficult. The cold becomes our friend, helping us to become prepared for extreme conditions that we inevitably encounter in life. Strengthening our innate immune system and training our blood vessels and capillaries, helping our hart to pump with more ease.

Changing your perception is changing your reality.


Humans have been synchronizing voice, sound, rhythm, vibration and movement to produce deep trance states.
Hof Chi is an exercise to warm up before and after taking an ice-bath or a cold shower. Marcel uses his voice and drum to get us into a trance state, in which it is easy to break through boundaries that keep us stuck in the mind. Tap into our natural resources. Balance between action and surrender. Using breath to experience inner and outer nature, as one system