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Breathing Techniques

The foundation of Marcel’s powerful teachings is breathwork.

Over the last 40 years, Marcel and his brother Wim Hof, the Iceman, have tested many forms of breathwork. As a result these breathwork sessions that they discovered have proven to give powerful results. You can experience Marcel’s breathwork in personal- & group sessions, live and online. These sessions have helped thousands of students break free from stress, anxiety, overwhelm and a growing list of mental, physical and emotional struggles.

Why Breathwork?

Stimulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system allows your body to get more relaxed, feel energized, alive and out of the mind. This will increase the power and potential available to us in our life.

Inflammation and being too acidic is the beginning of almost all diseases. In 20 minutes of breathing we reduce our acidity, become more alkaline and cleanse the body of unneeded waste materials and carbon dioxide.

Breathwork is the fastest way to alter our state of being and shift out of a negative mindset, and away from limiting beliefs. Adopting the practice connects us with our innate wisdom. This brings greater awareness to our self, life and the decisions we make, which leads to overall well-being and happiness. The BONUS? Breathing is FREE and available at any time!

How does Breathwork work?

Rhythmic breathing hyper-oxygenates the body, altering the PH level of the bloodstream and creates a stronger electromagnetic field and current throughout the body. This activates the natural chemicals that your body produces. In this state, negative emotions are released and cleansed. This is the reason many doctors and psychologists are now turning to breathwork as a viable option for treatment, health and healing.


A powerful way to store a lot of energy, oxygenating our body, clearing blockages, grounding spirit in our body to be fully present to embody our own authentic expression.

This technique is designed to prepare our body & mind for gaining direct energy. Use this powerful technique to effectively get out of our head and into your body. To stop inflammation, gain more focus, being less acidic so more healthy, to stay young, flexible and happy.


Dope Breath has been shown to be a powerful tool for activating ‘the natural feel good drugs’ Dopamine, Adrenaline and Seratonine through Dope Breath. This technique improves our general well being, releases trauma, relieves stress, chronic pain, anxiety and depression and offers a host of other scientifically proven health benefits.


The Heart Breath relaxes you into our heartspace.

The heart is the master organ with the greatest energy field. It’s the King of the Immune System. When we feel feelings of gratitude, ease and joy and we remember to breath through our heart, we build up resilience and release stress.


Like all the other breathing techniques this breathing helps us to release stress, relax our mind and to come in a natural flow of ease and joy. A very powerful and simple technique using the oceanic rhythm as a metaphor of a timeless and spaceless feeling.